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Add a Jimmy Jib Triangle to Your Next Event

At Inc, we’re proud to use some of the best camera equipment in the industry. The Jimmy Jib Triangle is the premier jib in the video industry. It’s widely recognized and always reliable. Contact Inc today!

Set up your project for the best possible result! Adding a Jimmy Jib Triangle to your next event will bring excitement to every shot and add that elusive “Wow!” factor that may have been otherwise missing. The Jimmy Jib Triangle gives you new dimensions of movement that you can’t get with any other camera. Inc.

Features of Jimmy Jib Triangle

The Jimmy Jib Triangle includes a remote hot head (can pan 360 and tilt 360), a battery pack enables the jib to run on AC or DC; the operator has remote control of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris and VTR start / stop. It can also control both Fuji and Canon lenses and can control the focus on film cameras.

Jimmy Jib Triangle:
  • 13 ft. (height)
  • 6 ft. (reach)
  • 19 ft. (height)
  • 12 ft. (reach)
  • 25 ft. (height)
  • 18 ft. (reach)

Super Plus:
  • 30 ft. (height)
  • 24 ft. (reach)
  • 35 ft. (height)
  • 30 ft. (reach)
40 ft.:
  • 45 ft. (height)
  • 40 ft. (reach)

Features and Accessories of the Jib

  • Pan and tilt hot head (360 degrees)
  • 360-degree Dutch head
  • Remote hot head
  • Dolly wheels and tracks
  • Film- and video-ready
  • Set up for focus on all types of lenses
  • Ready for AC or DC
  • Indoor and outdoor HD monitors
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